Authorized Armory - Bluing Weapons

Weapons services

  • hot bluing - Ferlach method
  • repair of active and inactive weapon parts
  • replacement of defective parts with original parts directly from the manufacturer
  • fitting and adjustment of aiming devices
  • armament technical inspection
  • weapons scrap
  • arms sale-purchase contracts
  • weapons manufacturing

All works are carried out according to the legislation in force.

Recreational shooting

  • compressed air: 4,5mm; 5,5mm; 6,35mm
  • 22 caliber weapons with long or short rifled pipes
  • 9x19 caliber

Ballistic expertise

  • the system, model, brand and caliber of the weapon which represents the object of the litigation
  • whether the tubes or projectiles found at the scene or removed from the victim’s body were fired with a certain weapon
  • determining the distance, the shooting direction, the victim’s or the shooter’s position
  • whether a certain weapon is in a normal functioning state or if it shows malfunctions which would make accidental firing possible, without the trigger being pulled
  • whether a certain weapon has modifications compared to the state in which it was delivered by the manufacturer according to the purpose for which it was manufactured
  • whether the weapon shows degradation caused by interventions with mechanical tools, exposure to chemical agents or corrosives, or improper exploitation and storage conditions
  • whether a handcrafted device is considered a weapon by law
  • the functioning state, caliber and efficiency of a handcrafted weapon
  • whether shooting-specific residues are found in the barrel or any other part of a weapon
  • whether the ammunition found as evidence is able to be used for shooting
  • whether the ammunition found as evidence was crafted by hand or industrially
  • whether several pieces (shrapnel) come from the same projectile
  • determining the size of the lead found as evidence and whether it was crafted by hand or industrially
  • revealing a weapon’s serial number after it was removed through mechanical means
  • whether the victim was shot directly or by ricochet
  • whether the orifice created by the shot is an entry or exit orifice


We offer consultation services in litigations related to criminalistic, judiciary, ballistic or graphological expertise.
The personnel is qualified and authorized.


Calin Bock